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a time to listen vs. blog

a time to listen.

Listening opens our eyes to something infinitely beautiful and mysterious.

God is preparing my heart to listen. To free myself from distractions so I can be fully present with Him and those around me. During this season of lent, my ears are bent toward God's still, small voice that is all around us, just waiting to be heard. I want to experience Him looking at the sunset, in a stranger's eyes, and in unknown places.

I hear from God most in quiet—when I am away from the noise and my to-do list. Rather than having so much to say, I want to listen and learn.

When my heart trusts, I can focus on His plan.

I have a lot to say, often too much with God and people. I have found myself interrupting others far more than I should. Listening is loving, and I was reminded of this sitting in the dental chair this week. My hygienist shared her difficulties growing up. Afterward, she thanked me for listening and said she felt better, even though I barely spoke.

To love God better. I want His love to be my natural response to life's problems. I want God to be heard in me—for pretense to fall away and to walk in trust and obedience.

To be still and know that He is God. Embracing Isaiah 20:15, "In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength,"

I want to live into that strength and joy of discovery—meditating on His words until it shapes my thinking.

Sound engineers recalibrate their ears by sitting in silence, and I want to follow their lead. Remembering the words my grandpa taught me so many years ago, "Jennifer, there is a lot to learn in this world, but you won't learn it by talking. You already know your story, but you don't know theirs."

I can't wait for God to meet us personally during this season of Lent. I will take a break from blogging to be fully present with Him. I want to hear where He is leading me as a writer, mother, wife, and friend. So goodbye for now as I pray that we listen to what God wants us most to hear and live a life of faith captivated by His wonderment.



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