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Attractive vs. Holier Than Thou

Attractive vs. Holier Than Thou

Some people make faith attractive. They make following Christ a living invitation you want to accept. Faith is life-giving, an irresistible magnet that draws people near when you choose to emulate Christ instead of focusing on how others get it wrong.

I’ve watched my faith-filled friends change the atmosphere of a room from a gossipy vibe to one of unity and acceptance. Their pure spirit makes you want to rise to the top – to let go of the small stuff, and focus on what is more important — to spread the refreshing love of Christ.

Our lives are a testimony reflecting the truths of our faith. I want to not only know the Word of God but live it. To be a peacemaker – maintaining a calm loving disposition that respects and values others’ needs. Even in conflict or when there is a difference of opinion, to have genuine room to listen and love. To be calm and loving yet principled and strong. Like a smile that brightens a room without having to control it.

Titus 2:10 says, “In every way, they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive.”



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