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Beauty vs. Rules

I wonder why we introduce God through rules instead of the miraculous.

Beauty woos us to the rhythms of God’s grace.

We connect through beauty, not edicts, so why don’t we share the Gospel this way?

In some ways, nature is the best teacher. We don’t always want advice, but we come together to watch the waves break and the dolphins frolic. Creation introduces God properly. It allows us to behold the miraculous and stand in awe and wonder instead of dissecting it into something smaller that we can understand. It awakens our senses and draws us together in appreciation for the splendor that surrounds us. Beauty elevates our thinking, refreshes our souls, and points us to something bigger than ourselves.

My attraction to nature’s beauty led me to faith. The smell of the conifers, the rhythms of the sea, and the wildflowers of spring that light up my hiking trails remind me of Psalm 33:5, “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”



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