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Calm vs. Frenzy

Jesus was never in a hurry. Even when his close friend Lazarus was dying and needed his help or when a large group required His decision, He didn’t hurry. Even when multitudes were waiting for Him to speak, He went off alone to pray in the mountains.

Funny, my husband isn’t in a hurry, either.

We have many things going on right now, each with layers of things that need to get done, but he is not overly concerned; he trusts the process, and more importantly, he trusts God.

This helps me to slow down and Trust God too. Even when something doesn’t get done, it’s ok; it doesn’t all have to get done at once. It’s not just up to me. Things work out better when I’m calm. When I’m in a hurry, fear is usually involved. And fear does not have much of an upside.

We learn the importance of a calm mindset in Ecclesiastes 10:4, “If the ruler’s temper rises against you, do not abandon your position, calmness can lay great offenses to rest.”

Even when my world gets a little crazy, I will learn from Jesus and even Brooks to be calm and Trust God.



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