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Daily Bread vs. Daily Grind

Life can take the life out of me when I am overwhelmed by my problems. Sometimes I wake up worried. When this happens, I am of little help to anyone, including myself.

Thankfully I know where my help is found. The Bible is my “daily bread.” It’s my oxygen that equips me for the day, turning my daily grind into nourishment that strengthens my soul.

My perspective changes when I read the Bible; I see my problems as opportunities to grow, and God’s words strengthen me.

Each day is different and requires God’s wisdom and fresh insight. I need a healthy dependence on God to give me strength for the day instead of relying on my limited capabilities.

Every morning as I spend time in God’s Word, it seeps into those weary and broken places and makes me whole and ready to be of service. If you need a place to start, sign up for the Our Daily Bread app, it is an organization that built its ministry around this concept since 1938, and the link is on my website under “Useful Stuff.”

Let’s practice this prayer Jesus gave us in Luke 11: 3 together — “Give us this day our daily bread.”



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