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Disruptive Grace vs. Feel Good Faith

God's grace is powerful, but has it changed me? That's a question I ask myself a lot.

If faith just makes me feel better but not be better, there is something wrong. God's unconditional love should change my priorities. We desperately need changed hearts for God's love to prevail.

God wants us to live a much bigger life, but we need to follow His lead.

His truth is disruptive, breaking through our thinking and opening our eyes to a much bigger perspective. A real relationship with Him will transform all our relationships because He cares deeply about how we love others. As we prioritize God's way over our own, we forgive more easily, love without strings attached, and live above our circumstances. Instead of descending to our old habits of the heart, we ascend to His higher ways.

God promises us in Ezekiel 36:26 – "He will give us a new heart, and a new spirit; And will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh."

This Valentine's (a day of love) and every day, I want to prioritize love over schedule, judgment, or whatever else gets in the way.



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