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Disruptive Joy vs. Other Disruptions

It’s easy to have our lives disrupted when hardships happen and sadness hits. Sometimes I forget how big God is when I am overwhelmed, drowning in pain, or living a hectic life.

But am I disrupted by joy?

Joy is ours for the taking. It is a way of life that happens when we look to God instead of our problems to define our state of mind. God is in control of everything, even the mundane details of my life. Joy makes the tedious meaningful. Joy disrupts our fixed thinking by providing a much brighter perspective.

Joy happens when we trust God and welcome His resources. When we remember God’s faithfulness, we can’t help but trust Him with our future. As we focus on Him instead of our problems, joy is the result.

Joy makes life worth living. It puts that bounce in our steps that makes everyday fun and interesting. Building joy into our lives is not superficial; it is beneficial. We are made to live in gladness. Joy is magnetic; it attracts people and is a vital part of the good news we bring to the world.

God so wisely tells us in Romans 12:11, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”



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