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Gentleness vs. Strength

I wonder, has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever been consumed by worry for your son or daughter? Have you failed someone you love? Faced crippling performance expectations or fear of failure? I have, and it feels awful. In those times, God is closer to me. His presence more tangible. He soothes my heart and mind with His company. It is in those times I appreciate His gentleness even more than His strength.

Gentleness welcomes us in. It has no expectations. It sits beside us quietly and takes our hand until we are ready to stand. It doesn’t hurry; it just accepts our weaknesses and insecurities. Gentleness doesn’t require us to be strong, although sometimes I would like to be. Strength makes me feel superior, but gentleness has no such pretense.

Gentleness is the company I prefer. It brings love and acceptance.

Today I choose to be gentle with myself and the world, and in that way, I hope to give away that which Christ so generously has given to me.



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