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Grace vs. Circumstances

The small things impress me. I am literally undone when I see a flower sprouting from the tiniest crack of a thick concrete walkway. I marvel at the truths carried in the ordinary. How nothing can stop God’s beauty from breaking through. Victory is often won in the moments, not in one grand battle of the will. Transformation happens from our day-to-day commitment to following God’s way over our own.

This is especially true when life is hard, and our faith gets tested. Just like our physical bodies grow stronger through strain and perseverance, so it is with our inner strength. Like a clay pot that is made stronger when its cracks are mended, when things go wrong, not right, we see the greatest things sprout up.

Disruptive grace happens when we invite God, instead of our problems, to take charge of our lives. This thinking changes us and the trajectory of our lives. God may not always change things, but He will change us, and enable us to live differently when we accept His unmerited favor. We need grace every day to keep moving in the right direction. Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life and His beauty from breaking through.



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