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Gratitude vs. Cynicism

I rode my bike through the dark tunnel into the light on the famous Hiawatha trail. It is a spectacular 15-mile scenic stretch of the old railway with ten train tunnels, some of which are almost pitch dark. It was easy to ride if I focused on the light, but it became difficult when I started looking around at the darkness. Just like everyday life, we can focus on the darkness around us or look toward the light.

There are always good things to be grateful for and bad things to find fault in, but we can choose what we will spend our time thinking about.

Even in our darkest moments, if we can find things to be grateful for, it elevates our mood and leads us to God. Gratitude is a pathway to God, and Psalm 22:3 says, “God inhabits the praises of His people.”

My kids used to roll their eyes when I said, “Complain and Remain or Praise and Be Raised,” but it's true; thankfulness leads us to the places we want to go. There is always light at the end of the tunnel when we are grateful for what God is doing in our lives.



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