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Known vs. Unknown

We are planning a trip outside the country to a place we know little to nothing about. Traveling is fantastic, but it can cause anxiety too. Decisions on where to stay, which places to visit, and how to navigate transportation are overwhelming. The pressure of making the wrong decision, missing out on the best experiences, or getting stuck in difficult situations weighs heavily on my mind. What eases my anxiety is talking to a friend who has been there and gives trustworthy advice. This principle holds true for life in general as well.

Life is filled with unknowns, new chapters, and confusing detours, and if I didn’t have my best friend Jesus to turn to and His Word for solid direction, I would feel lost and out of control. Knowing I have a perfect Father who always has my back helps me to trust and be at peace through the many turns of life, especially the bumpy parts.

Sometimes I live as if I am unknown by God and forget to turn to Him for help and instead navigate life alone. That’s when anxiety creeps in, and I make poor decisions. When we turn to God, He is faithful, and His Word gives us the wisdom we can trust. God does not force His advice; we must turn to Him and ask for help.

Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” His Word keeps us going in the right direction, and God uses people to accomplish His purposes. He desires we remain in community and seek His counsel together.

How do you navigate life when the road gets bumpy? Navigating the unknown is always the most challenging part.



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