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Listen vs. Ask

Although my friends may consider me a good listener, listening did not come naturally in my faith walk. My constant prayer requests, tight schedules, and many agendas limited my ability to listen to the most important source of wisdom. God needed to be the priority over my to-do list. Instead of getting Him to go along with me, I needed to go along with Him. For me, listening to God starts with sitting in silent admiration. Spending time with God in quiet enabled me to move beyond a transactional relationship to a life-giving one, valuing my Father over what He provides.

Remarkable things happen when we let grace disrupt our normal ways of doing things by taking the focus off ourselves and onto what matters to God. He is just waiting for us to listen so He can unleash His blessings and Divine plans. God has a great plan for our lives that requires us to not only listen but to follow.

Listening more than any other practice has shown me the effectiveness of following over always trying to lead, trusting that God will work things out much better than I ever could. Seeing God's work has humbled me and allowed me to trust and surrender to His perfect way. God's ways are bigger than our ways and sometimes we need to trust in the impossibilities of grace.

We are wise when we listen to God’s words, like those from Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”



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