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Little Things vs. Big Ones

My son’s football coach growing up used to say to the players: “little things, little things.” To focus on the little things the boys could control, their attitude, work ethic, and improving their part. To become proficient at doing the small things well and practice the drills instead of worrying about the score or getting a chance to score the winning touchdown.

That teaching resonated with me and my husband, and we put it next to my son’s bed so he could look at it at night, not so much that he would become a great football player but instead a great man.

God is interested in the little things—Living out our faith in the daily choices we make. It’s those seemingly small decisions that have the power to change our lives. There is a consistency to obedience. It demands faithfulness along the journey, steadfastness even when it seems inconsequential. Small choices of obedience lead to big changes. God transforms us when we make the brave decision to live by faith in the little things.

Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much. – Luke 16:10



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