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Live Fearlessly by Peace

For He Himself is our peace. (Philippians 4:7)

Peace comes as we trust God and believe He works all things for the ultimate good instead of listening to the voice of fear.

I was reminded of this when we met with our financial advisor, who shared His admiration for a company that operated differently, acting out their faith through their business practices. They seem to trust God over fearing criticism and profitability by sharing Bible verses of hope on their packaging, paying their employees well above minimum wage, not skimping on food quality and customer service, and helping the homeless and abused children in their business communities. In-n-Out’s practices have resulted in a third-generation family-owned business worth more than $3 billion.

Trusting God and His purposes changes our perspective and opens us up to peace that passes understanding. He works all things for good. His love never stops looking after us and guides us when we ask.

God’s plans are much bigger and better than we can imagine. The nearer we move to God, the more we understand His good purposes, even when we can’t see them. Nothing is impossible with God.

When we believe we are in charge, lasting peace is unattainable, and we are driven by the voice of fear that keeps us tethered to the hamster wheel of endless striving. It puts a heavy burden on our shoulders and can fill our minds with fear over things we cannot control. There might be fleeting moments of peace, but they change as our circumstances do.

Biblical peace meets Jesus in the middle of the lives we have. Face our fears and give them to Him, who can actually do something about them. Surender is required, but that does not mean doing nothing. It means we keep going, keep doing good, and give the results to God. Knowing our relationship with God, not our circumstances, is the source of lasting peace.



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