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Live Quietly vs. Loudly

Sitting in the backseat, I realize my friend next to me is one of the Giants of Faith as she shared how her difficult mother is living out the rest of her life in her home because she won’t allow her to be taken care of by strangers. I noticed she doesn’t do the social things she used to and instead watches mindless tv to keep her mom company and cooks nightly dinners even though she no longer has kids at the house.

Kelly’s mom just passed away, and she would tell you she had no choice but to take her in, but the truth is she had lots of choices. She chose God’s way.

The most powerful evangelism is how we live out the Gospel in our families. A commitment to love is the core of the Gospel. The world needs to see this kind of dedication to each other.

It’s easy to be impressed with worldly success—it speaks loudly but has little effect on how we treat each other and bring goodness into the world.

This year I am going to follow 1 Thessalonians 4: 11-12 and “make it my ambition to lead a quiet life . . . so that my daily life may win the respect of outsiders.” I want to honor God and my friend’s example by living quietly and letting my actions speak for themselves.



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