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Love Resolution vs. Anything Else

New Year’s is a time to reflect, and in my case, consider the many areas I could improve.

Relationship over schedule is something I often say to myself, but is loving others that important to me? Does it affect how I do everything else? According to God’s economy, loving God and loving others is what matters most.

God is all around us, but sometimes I miss Him. Solo walks in nature help me pay attention, so I’ve done a lot of this lately. One of my favorite walks is hiking down to the beach from the Malaga Cove cliffs in Southern California, so after Christmas, I went and found this heart ornament in the weeds reminding me of what’s essential—love. Like the red heart that stood out in the wild, so does love in a harsh world.

Life can be tough, but love softens things. It makes our short time here worthwhile, leaving a legacy of love. This year, I’m prioritizing love and letting it affect all my 2022 goals.

So, as we start this New Year, let’s listen to the ageless wisdom found in God’s Word—1 Peter 4:8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”



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