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Magnetic Pull vs. Push

I am attracted to people who draw me in with their gentle and loving spirit. They are refreshing and easy to laugh and even cry with. They are safe people that care and notice the feelings of others. They have a magnetic pull that points us to Jesus.

Some people are set on their schedule and force their opinions. They are so concerned about getting their way that they lack the finesse to see things from a different perspective or how they may be hurting others. Pushing sometimes pushes people away.

Magnetism is a force that can pull closer or push away objects. When the magnetic material inside the objects is correctly aligned, they attract and stick together but repel when they are off-kilter.

I want to be like a magnet that pulls, but sometimes I push.

When I get caught up in my agenda and how I think things should go, I can hurt others because I don’t take the time to meet people where they are and access the situation from different sides.

What helps me recalibrate is to spend time with God. When I am aligned with Him, doing things out of love comes naturally. Prioritizing people over a busy schedule becomes automatic. I no longer need to have my way; the amazing thing is that it is a much more effective way to live!

In all my interactions this year, I am trying to follow the wisdom of 1 Corinthians 16:14 — “Do everything in love.” This shift has caused me to focus more on the needs of others and the higher calling of love. Check out my January 3rd Love Resolution post and other “this vs. that” faith choices on my website. We change through our daily decisions to follow God’s way over our own. We naturally pull others in as we lead with love instead of pushing them away.



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