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Pause vs. Proceed

Yesterday I was hurt by a friend’s text and was tempted to reply immediately, but instead, I paused and prayed about it. God led me to examine my part, be honest about my feelings, and be respectful of hers. This led to an entirely different outcome that brought us closer instead of further apart. Rather than responding with a standard reply that allowed me to stay distant, I was compelled to reach out in love and let her know I cared.

When I rush a decision before taking it to the Lord first, I miss opportunities and important relationships. If I run ahead of God without consulting Him first, I fail to look at my part and confront my hurt honestly. Whenever I react hurriedly, my emotions get the best of me. Things went terribly wrong for people in the Bible when they did not inquire of the Lord before battles, and the same can go for me.

God’s wisdom comes when we take the time to hear from Him before moving forward. To pause and remember what He cares about most—love. I need God’s help when making decisions. My immediate reaction is often wrong, but God readjusts my thinking when I go before Him in prayer. He shows me the better way of love and humility instead of pride and self-protection. God’s ways are higher than mine, and I will miss His important promptings when I react without consulting Him first.

I sought the Lord, and He answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4



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