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Pause vs. Push

When they were younger, I pushed my kids too hard with schoolwork, sports, and volunteering. Looking back, I wish I had done it differently. Although I had good intentions, I should have paused and listened more and slowed down instead of constantly pushing forward. I got caught up with the “formula” for success instead of pausing to see things from their perspectives.

Pushing and busyness do not produce the best results; we can hurt those we love, make poor decisions, and get caught up in things that don’t matter.

Jesus, no matter how busy, was never in a hurry. Jesus valued the wisdom from solitude and silence and withdrew to pray even when the crowds followed Him.

Jesus was the greatest advocate for human rights prioritizing people over rules, especially the marginalized. Jesus opposed the religion of the day that valued rules over people and sacrifice over mercy. Instead of pushing His teaching on people, He asked them questions and spoke in parables that allowed them to think for themselves.

Christ models faith that pauses to prioritize love and relationships over formulas for success, and I am learning to follow suit.



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