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Seeking God's Help vs. Wait and See

When something is bothering you, what do you do?

Do you face it head-on and ask for God’s help or ignore it and wait and see what happens, hoping it will work itself out?

We live in a busy world, and being a taskmaster, I find myself caught up in getting the little things done instead of addressing the more critical issues. Plus, addressing those important issues can be difficult and time-consuming.

Things like — How do I adjust my parenting now that my children are adults, especially when a crisis hits? Does my writing matter? How do I prioritize my relationships instead of filling my social calendar with obligations? Although pushing those thoughts aside during the busy day is easy, they tend to invade my sleep at night.

God is always there, ready to help, but it takes our initiative to seek His advice—spending time in prayer to get the answers we desire and the relationship we need.

Jeremiah 29:13 promises, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” It is in seeking Him that we receive His promise.

A relationship is paramount to God and critical for our fulfillment. As we know Him more, we understand His ways and the direction He gives us.

Recently I spent time in Idaho alone, asking God for answers to those matters heavy on my heart. I took the time to seek His help, which was the most fruitful time I have experienced. God is faithful to answer our prayers but does not force us to seek His help. He is a gentleman and waits for us to humble ourselves and be willing to learn on His timetable.

Jesus was incredibly busy but never missed spending time with the Father. He prioritized what mattered, even when thousands of followers demanded His time. Jesus knew He needed God’s wisdom and insight to make the right decisions and use His time wisely.

I will leave you with a quote from Billy Graham, “We relegate God to our spare time—but end up never having any spare time! Jesus said, ‘Seek first His kingdom.’ I am too busy not to seek God.”



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