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Teflon Shield vs. Static Cling

It is easy to get upset about things that don’t matter. A snide comment, a silent judgment, or even just an off-handed look can take up our precious time when we ruminate over how we have been offended. How can we stop this pattern and instead spend time on things that matter?

“Do not be easily offended” is an excellent place to start. This habit has often saved me from getting stuck by my hurt feelings or developing cynicism. It diffuses the power of silent judgments and seemingly unkind words and gives others the benefit of the doubt. I can let things go and not be provoked or offended when I take this advice from God’s Word. The Bible gives us so many of these pearls of wisdom to live by.

When we live a life of purpose, we can expect to run up against naysayers, but we can choose not to be offended by their words. God’s Word produces a Teflon shield that doesn’t let the bad stuff stick when we let it change our thinking. Instead of getting caught up in our rights and emotions, we can just let it go.

God’s Word changes our thinking and produces the power to do remarkable things no matter the obstacles we face. This doesn’t mean we don’t listen to criticism and learn from it; it just means we don’t let unconstructive criticism entangle us and stop us from moving forward. We don’t let others' opinions control us. Instead, we look to God’s Word to transform us.

So next time we feel judged or criticized unfairly, let’s pick up our shield of faith that is Teflon coated.



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