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Waiting Room vs. Going Ahead

Do you ever feel stuck in the waiting room of life? Waiting for your next —a new job opportunity, a life partner, or even an injury to improve.

Waiting is hard. It can be a painful part of our stories. During those times, we are prone to lose hope and take matters into our own hands instead of looking for God’s hands in the wait.

The decisions we make in the waiting room have profound consequences.

Waiting for God can be transformational— He may teach us something new or redirect us to an unexpected opportunity or path. As we spend time with Him, He opens new ways we can be of service. We grow in ways we never thought possible if we are patient and turn to Him for help. When we are quiet, free from distractions, it is easier to hear God’s voice. He is with us in the wait.

Psalm 37:9 (English Standard) says, “Those who wait for the Lord, shall inherit the land.” God has a plan; with Him, there is always a next. His timing is perfect. Instead of taking matters into my own hands, I have learned to wait for God’s best.

Do you feel stuck? If so, how do you turn to God in the wait? I would love to hear from you and open up these faith conversations.



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