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Jennifer G Townsend, faith agent walking by faith and living by faith, sitting on a yellow couch with Joshua Tree boulders in the background.
Welcome to my Living by Faith website!

I hope you will feel refreshed and filled with hope after spending time here.

We are all navigating something, and I want to make your journey easier by bringing the

spark of God’s truth to our conversations in my Monday devotional blogs.

Living by faith is a daily choice to let go and let God.


Trust God has a better plan no matter how hectic our circumstances get. 

Connect God’s Word with real life and do the next right thing.

Here we share personal stories of transformation through the power of Choice.

Choosing God’s way over our way is a game changer.


We open ourselves to remarkable possibilities when we walk by faith and not be sight—believing in God's promisesand prioritizing God's love and grace.


Let’s choose God together; we don’t have to do it alone.

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