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For me it’s a fervent search for love and truth, using my mind to gain knowledge and an understanding of who God is and why that matters.

Here are some useful things that help me.


The Bible

The NIV Life Application Study Bible is my daily go-to.


Current Books that Make You Think:

From Strength to Strength—Arthur C. Brooks

Confronting Christianity—by Rebecca McLaughlin

What If It’s True—by Charles Martin

What’s So Great About Christianity—by Dinesh D’Souza


Classics that Do the Same:

What's So Amazing About Grace?—Philip Yancey

The Renovation of the Heart—Dallas Willard

Feeling Good—David D. Burns

Knowing God—J.I. Packer

Mere Christianity—by C.S. Lewis

Pilgrim’s Progress—John Bunyan

The Purpose Driven Life—by Rick Warren

Walking From East to West—Ravi Zacharias


Books That Inspire:

All My Knotted Up Life—Beth Moore

Draw the Circle—by Mark Batterson

Stillness Is Key—Ryan Holiday

Strength to Love—Martin Luther King Jr.

The War of Art—by Steven Pressfield

The Way of the Warrior—by Erwin Raphael McManus



Some of my favorites: Goodness of God, In Jesus Name, The Blessing, Way Maker, Fear is a Liar, Give Me Your Eyes, How He Loves, One Thing Remains, Raise A Hallelujah, My Jesus

Online Resources:

Our Daily Bread App

Daily Hope App


Please contact me and share yours.

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