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Jennifer Townsend is an author, educator, photographer, and community philanthropist. Earning her MBA and accolades in advertising in her earlier career, Jennifer now focuses on sharing her faith.

She has led a community Bible study for twelve years that started in her home and has since grown to over two hundred women. Jennifer believes we all have God stories that need to be told, as faith comes alive when we see it working in people’s lives. God’s grace isn’t just about belief but changed lives. This truth has motivated her to share true stories of how faith transforms us. Jennifer believes our God stories are one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.

Jennifer lives in Los Angeles and sometimes Idaho and is loved most by her husband of 25 years and her two young adult children. She loves adventuring in their Sprinter van and almost all things outside.

Jennifer has also created mindfulness and anti-bullying curriculum for local organizations. She has won awards for her photography and has been published in several anthologies. To help more people find Divine transformation in their lives, she is writing her first book, Disruptive Grace.

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